"All of my choral groups at Forsyth Central High School have had the privilege of working with both Lynn Swanson and Dr. Bill Baker. Each year I try to bring Ms. Swanson in to do a workshop with my students on proper vocal health and technique. I’m always amazed at how well my students respond to her. She has a way of sharing her knowledge in an interactive and exciting manner that leaves my students feeling engaged and determined to work hard.
Last year, both Ms. Swanson and Dr. Baker worked with my advanced ensemble before our Large Group Performance Evaluation. It was wonderful to have two extra sets of very refined ears to listen and critique our sound. My students learned so much about the history of our pieces and how that would affect the style in which we performed them. I know that it gave my singers much more confidence to have worked with such experienced directors. The work that Ms. Swanson and Dr. Baker do in the choral world is inspiring. Their passion is felt by all who have the honor of working with them."

Lisa Belk
Chorus Director
Forsyth County High School
Forsyth, Georgia


"Ms. Swanson and Dr. Baker did incredible work with my high school choir. Their expertise improved the students' vocal control and resonance tenfold. My chorus was able to blend and balance, improving their sound within the ensemble far better than before. They also gained insight into how their voices work and how to incorporate healthy vocal habits into their daily routine."

Jack Walker,
Music Educator
Pace Academy, Atlanta, G


"Our K-12 vocal and instrumental teachers benefited greatly from having a full day of professional development led by the Institute of Vocal Health. I appreciated the hands on, interactive approach regarding not only vocal health for the instructor, but for the student groups that came, as well. They worked with singers from our grade schools, middle schools, and high schools. If you are a fine arts coordinator, administrator, or vocal music educator, I highly recommend The Institute of Healthy Singing with The William Baker Choral Foundation.” 

Regina Kellogg,
Vocal Music Coordinator,
North Kansas City Schools