Rehearsals of the William Baker Festival Singers are Tuesday Evenings, 7:00-9:30 at Countryside Christian Church, 6101 Nall Avenue in Mission, Kansas. To Schedule an audition please call 913.488.7524 or e-mail: to receive your Kansas City audition packet.

Rehearsals of the New South Festival Singers are now Sunday evenings, 6:30-9:00, St. John United Methodist Church, 550 Mount Paran Road in Atlanta.  To schedule an audition please call 913.488.7524 or e-mail: to receive your NSFS audition packet.

Auditions for Zimria Festival Atlanta are arranged by appointment.  Rehearsals will be Wednesday evenings at the Congregation Beth Shalom, 5303 Winters Chapel Road in Atlanta.  For additional information, please call 913.488.7524 or email

The audition for our select ensembles is a thorough evaluation of both voice and musical skill.  The process begins with a telephone interview with the Music Staff, followed by an audition appointment.
Membership Policies Brochure
Upon scheduling the audition, the candidate will receive a copy of the Festival Singers’ “Membership Policies”. This will be sent by postal mail or e-mail. The candidate is responsible to read these materials thoroughly. In the audition interview, the candidate will have an opportunity to ask any questions about the organization or the commitments of membership.
Basic Musicianship Test
Candidates will be asked to complete a simple, written test on basic musical terms, note names and elementary rhythms.
Prepared Solo
Candidates are asked to perform a simple solo that can be presented a cappella. The song may be a hymn, art song, aria, oratorio/opera selection, or folk song. An accompanist may be brought if desired. Tapes and accompaniment trax are not permitted. The song should be simple, chosen to demonstrate the lyric quality of the voice and essential musical skills.
Sightreading Candidates will be asked to perform a simple melody and a simple rhythm pattern at sight.
Tonal Memory
Candidates will be asked to repeat pitches played on the piano in simple five-note patterns.
Candidates will be asked to sing both a one-octave major and natural minor scale from assigned pitches. This is to determine both an understanding of melodic progression and to check the candidate’s range.
Blending Test
Candidates will be asked to sing a simple chorale in quartet with members of the audition panel. This chorale will evaluate the blending quality of the voice and the candidate’s capacity to hold an independent part.
The audition panel will interview the candidate to discuss the commitments of membership, and will gladly answer any questions the candidate might have.