Choral Conversations
With Patrick Neas & William Baker

For decades on KXTR legendary host Patrick Neas delighted classical music lovers in the Kansas City area with his profound insights and his joyful celebration of known and unknown classical masterpieces.  The Choral Foundation is delighted to announce that Patrick will again be “on air” through a new podcast called “Choral Conversations with Patrick Neas & William Baker.”  The thirty minute program, recorded each month in our studios at the Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library in Roeland Park, will cover a variety of interesting topics related to every aspect of the life and work of choral directors, choral singers and choral music lovers.  The program will include musical features, insightful discussions, and interviews with Kansas City area choral leaders.  

Watch the Choral Foundation’s website at and the new resource site for the first episode available by the end of August.