Institute for Healthy Singing

Lynn Swanson, MME, Director of the Institute
Christine Freeman, MME, Vocal Faculty
Jamea Sale, MME, Education Director of the Institute
Melissa Shallberg, MME, Vocal Faculty
Jennifer Berroth, MME, Vocal Faculty

The Institute for Healthy Singing was created as an educational outreach by the Choral Foundation in January 2015.  Lynn Swanson, director of the Institute is assisted by the faculty of Christine Freeman, Jamea Sale and Melissa Shallberg.  Each faculty member has completed extensive training in Choral and Vocal Pedagogy through the University of Kansas and the VoiceCare Network.

The Institute for Healthy Singing presents instruction, printed materials, webinars, clinics and workshops for music educators at all levels, church musicians, vocal instructors, singers, public speakers, broadcast journalists, and singers from children through older adults.  Instruction focuses on the healthy use of the voice in speaking and singing to ensure that children learn habits of healthy vocal hygiene and vocal safety and that adults learn skills that will enable their enjoyment of singing for many years.  

The staff of the Institute for Healthy Singing has presented numerous events in the Kansas City and Atlanta regions.  Programs are tailored to the specific needs of the choruses, leaders, schools and organizations served.  Individual consultation is available from the Institute staff as requested. CONTACT US



Above: Director Lynn Swanson conducting Zhuhai Classical Children’s Chorus on National Television in China