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Over 2,000 octavo titles and 100 masterwork titles are now ready for immediate rental.  Our goal is to add 200-250 new titles each month from the nearly 5000 titles we have received and are working to process.  Our team of volunteers is working hard to process the generous donations received by the Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library each month.
Want to visit the Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library in person?  Please contact us at 913-488-7524 or to make an appointment.


The Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library is a place where conductors, choral administrators and students conduct research into major works and short-form choral masterworks.  In addition to thousands of titles in quantity the Sullivan Choral Library has thousands more reference copies and thousands of linked recordings.

A reading room will soon be established at the JSCRL for research into choral methodologies, music history, conducting techniques and composer biographies.  The reading room will be fully available to conductors, students and researchers on-site at the Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library.


Choral organizations, churches and schools nationwide will be able to reduce expenses by renting scores from the Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library.  

A Sullivan Choral Library Membership is required to rent scores.

Introductory Membership Rates

    $40              College/University Students or Faculty

    $50              Individual

    $75              Small Institution
    $100            Large Institution

Rental Rates

    $0.80            Per copy for any octavos
    $5.00            Per copy for any masterworks

Minimum of 25 copies per rental

Rental fees does not include shipping and handling

Rental Process:

1.  Review the database and chose selection(s) you wish to rent.

2.  Send an email to  Include title, order #, number of copies you wish to rent, and a phone number.

3.  Our representative will contact you within two business days to arrange your rental.


Do you work with an organization that serves underprivileged populations?  Is your organization seeking to grow and reach out, but has a limited budget for music purchase?  One of the missions of the Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library is to provide music for such organizations at reduced rental cost or free of charge.  Once the JSCRL is open worthy organizations will be able to apply for support for special projects.

Application Form for Music Grants to Organizations Serving Underprivileged Populations



The Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library has been collecting rare and long out-of-print works from across the country as we seek to preserve great choral music.  Many quality editions are no longer available through traditional sources, but are preserved for research and performance here at the JSCRL.  Our staff is carefully reviewing each music score to ensure that it is protected and preserved for many generations to come.


The Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library was created by a most generous grant from Ms. Jane G. Sullivan of Marietta, Georgia

Nearly 1000 titles of choral octavos and over 100 masterworks have been donated to the Sullivan Library by Faith Lutheran Church in Prairie Village, Kansas.

Thousands of recordings have been donated to the Sullivan Choral Library by Anonymous.

Substantial support for library computer equipment and files was provided by Wayne and Martha Burdette of Atlanta, Georgia.

Building renovation to prepare for the installment of the library was provided by David and Diane Barker of Belton, Missouri and Gene and Kim Claxton of Lenexa, Kansas.

A significant gift of additional music scores has been received from the former Gwinnett Choral Guild in Lawrenceville, Georgia, the Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, the Grace United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Kansas City Public School District in Kansas City, Missouri.

A significant gift of office furnishings has been received from the Kansas City Public School District in Kansas City, Missouri.

In-kind donations and funding gifts to the Jane Sullivan Choral Resource Library
    are fully tax-deductible under the William Baker Choral Foundation, Inc.