Institute for Healthy Singing

Jamea J. Sale, MME, Director of the Institute for Healthy Singing
Jennifer Berroth, MME, Fellow of the Institute, Kansas City, Missouri
Christine Freeman, MME, Fellow of the Institute, Olathe, Kansas
Melissa Shallberg, MME, Fellow of the Institute, Mason City, Iowa
Lynn Swanson, MME, Fellow of the Institute, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Institute for Healthy Singing was created by William Baker and Lynn Swanson as an educational outreach by the Choral Foundation in January 2015.  Jamea J. Sale, who was appointed Director of the Institute in September 2018, is assisted by faculty members (Fellows) Jennifer Berroth, Christine Freeman, Melissa Shallberg and Lynn Swanson.  Each Fellow of the Institute has completed extensive training in Choral and Vocal Pedagogy through the University of Kansas and the VoiceCare Network.

The Institute for Healthy Singing presents instruction, printed materials, webinars, clinics and workshops for music educators at all levels, church musicians, vocal instructors, singers, public speakers, broadcast journalists, and singers from children through older adults.  Instruction focuses on the healthy use of the voice in speaking and singing to ensure that children learn habits of healthy vocal hygiene and vocal safety and that adults learn skills that will enable their enjoyment of singing for many years.  

The staff of the Institute for Healthy Singing is pleased to partner with the Developing Voices Blog, an educational resource created by IHS Founder and Fellow Lynn Swanson, Executive Artistic Director of the Milwaukee Children's Choir.


Resources For Healthy Singing

2019 ACDA Presentation: How to Talk to a Girl by Christy Elsner & Jamea Sale

"How to Talk to a Girl" Allegro Choirs of Kansas City.

Updated Research and Innovated Research Techniques for Young Women Ages 10-18.

How you “talk to a girl” has a tremendous impact on the climate and production of female singers, ages 10-18, and the choir as a community. This interactive session will use singers currently in different phases of female voice change to demonstrate favorite and successful methods used by the Allegro Choirs of Kansas City. The session will include relevant updated research on the female changing voice and ways to improve communication of technique and artistry with female singers.

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Daily Voice Care Checklist

This is a condensed vocal health checklist helpful to singers and speakers of all ages.

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Girls Voice Change in 3-Minutes!

Engaging science-based video describing the phenomena of female adolescent voice change in terms accessible to singers, parents and teachers.

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Above: Director Lynn Swanson conducting Zhuhai Classical Children’s Chorus on National Television in China